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So many of us wait for the "Perfect Time" to get into physical shape. I mean, I don't know about you, but I definitely did and I call this the "Moses Effect"... 

"I'll start when I'm not so busy..."

"...After the holidays."

"...I just don't have time!"

Odd are most of us have said something of the sorts or similar.



It's like we expect the "seas of life" to part for us providing the perfect opportunity to get into great shape, except...

Here's the thing:

A) That's never gonna happen. Life will always throw curve balls your way. Which leads me to...

B) How do you best navigate through life to not only get into great physical shape, but actually enjoy the life you're living.

Here's my question for you...

ARE YOU LIVING? or merely existing?

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Michael Feig Fitness Coach Life Coach
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